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What could be more timeless than family heirloom photography which will be cherished for generations. BUFF PHOTO strives to make timeless art for you to cherish.

About me / sobre mí


My first camera came from Burger King! It was one of those little black flip-up view finder types of cameras and I would take pictures of my elementary school friends and then excitedly take it (and future disposable cameras) to K-mart for developing. Since those days I've "documented" lots of events like soccer camps, birthday parties, high school track meets, college parties (some of the best pics!), study abroad in Córdoba, Spain (which is what brought me to Spain), and most recently, friends and their families. 

I have been in Madrid for nearly 11 years and like many Americans I came to study and then stayed.  I love sports and have competed in triathlon in Madrid and you can find me doing fun runs year-round.  I also play the violin and in the past four years have been playing folk music (fiddle). If you are curious I have a blog where I share some of my expat adventures

I find it so rewarding to photograph people, especially the little ones who are so precious, shy, goofy, & fun. My father was a wedding photographer on the weekends  and of course he always had a camera in hand. I think I learned the art of giving people visual treasures from him.  There is nothing like photographs of your loved ones so you can cherish the fleeting moments like the smallness of your newborn's hands, adorable toddler smiles, first birthday (and first sugar), missing teeth, etc.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or ideas that you have!